Security Increases in your NetTeller Online Banking

Beginning DECEMBER 16, 2015, The Peoples Bank will install additional security features for your NetTeller Online Banking Access. Upon your first access into NetTeller after DECEMBER 16, 2015, you will be prompted to select a "Watermark" image from hundreds of images available. This image will then always display during your login process and on each page of your NetTeller access. This image will ensure that you have logged into a legitimate NetTeller site and not a fake site used by fraudsters to steal your online banking credentials or personal information. Should you not see your selected image during your login process, you should discontinue the login process and call The Peoples Bank immediately

During this time, you may also be selected to re-establish your three (3) security questions.

If you are a Bill Payment customer and you initiate payments of $1,000.00 or higher, you will automatically be challenged by your security questions.

If you have any questions regarding these additional security features, please give us a call!

We are your community bank

Community is a powerful word. The literal definition means those that share common values, beliefs, needs, and risks. It’s the foundational word in all that we do and all that we believe in. It’s the focus of The Peoples Bank. And it’s the basis of our pledge. 

Community serving community

The entire focus of The Peoples Bank is to meet the financial needs of those in our community. Our services range from personal checking and saving accounts to business accounts of all types including agricultural loans. In other words, our services reflect the lives and interests of those in our community.

Sure, The Peoples Banks features competitive financial products. But we are much more than that. We share the very same community that you and your neighbors share. And we treat you just like you would expect to be treated - as a fellow member of the community.

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