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Coming July 24, 2017

The Peoples Bank is upgrading Bill Pay on July 24, 2017 to make paying bills better, easier and more convenient than ever, giving you more freedom to enjoy life. You should not experience any service disruption with this upgrade, in fact, we're making the entire upgrade as simple and seamless as possible for you. [READ MORE]

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We are where you are

There are few relationships more important than those with your financial provider. Impersonal, remote financial institutions that know little about you and your community cannot serve you in the manner that you deserve. That is why we are where you are.

In addition to providing you with the convenience of banking on-line from wherever you are, there is also a Peoples Bank office near you. However, the physical location of The Peoples Bank in not what matters, those are merely buildings. It is the people in those buildings that make the difference. Just like you, they are members of the community and are dedicated to serving you with personal, friendly service.

The Peoples Bank Locations

HOURS - all locations:
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a - 4:00 p
Friday: 8:00 a - 5:00 p
Saturday: 8:00 a - 12:00 n (drive-thru only)
Closed Sundays and Federal Holidays
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